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We provide full-service Equipment rentals, sound engineers, and Coordinators


Selecting venues, Equipment coordinate


In concerts, and Live Broadcast

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Press Events
School, Local
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To help your Planning
Choosing the best venue
Equioment Coordinate
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Equipment Rentals

We provide full-service rentals for sound equipment, professional audio, stage, DJ equipment and musical instrument, based in central Tokyo. We also have other items for many kinds of event.
Please feel free to contact us.
We will send you a quotation as soon as we get detailed information.

Rental items
  • Live sound
    MIxer/ Speaker/ Microphones/ power amplifier/ cables
  • Stage
  • Lightning
  • DJ Gear
    CDJ/ DJ Mixer/ turn tabels/ scrach LIVE interface
  • Musical instrment
    Piano/ keyboard/ drum/ guiter amplifier/ bass amplifier
  • Recording equipment
    memory recorder/ ProTools system/ condenser microphones
  • Other items
    music stand/ mic stand/ CD player/ video equipment

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Technical Staff

Sound engineers, Audio and Video sysytem operators

Operator, Engineer

Operators for a wide variety of event: conferences, seminars, concerts

Stage Manager

Our experienced staff can manage the stage at your events

CEO's Profile
Sekiguchi Masaharu
Coordinator / Sound Engineer
CEO of Musical Dog Studio Inc.

  • He began his career as a sound engineer when studying at high school. After graduating, he worked in a wide variety of positions in the entertainment industry, including in live houses, as a concert staff member, and in recording studios.
  • Coordinator and event director
    Since establishing the event division of his company, he has worked at over 1,000 business events, such as PR events, conferences and parties.
  • Sound Engineer
    2001-2002: Chief Engineer for Shibuya JZ Brat SOUND OF TOKYO
    1999-: Chief Engineer for Shinjuku Musical Dog Studio
  • Producer
    Produced the Shunzo Ohno album CD "Clair de Lune" (2014 MDS Records/Cover: Kaii Higashiyama)
    Direction for New York recording
  • Additional work: web design